About us

Some 20 years ago we chanced upon this area while looking for a special place to call home. We were immediately drawn to Al Ladino, its views, its understated charm and warm energy.

Going back in time, Al Ladino was created as an ‘after thought’, a humble caseta/small cottage next to a farmhouse. Like so much built in the countryside it didn’t have a planning licence. We fixed that when we arrived and using local stone and restored timbers we recreated the ‘authentic Spanish country cortijo’ with ‘un estilo tradicional’. If you hanker after the ‘real flavour of Spain from days gone by you can quench your thirst for nostalgia here amid the old photos of local life on the walls, the farmhouse kitchen, the antiques and curiosities.

Our maintenance team of four is dedicated to keeping our home pristine, polishing the terracotta floors, bringing fresh flowers from the garden, sweeping out la lavanderia (the laundry room), the sun patios and all those hidden corners.  Where do I buy the best local wine?  What about orangic fruit & vegetables? Where can we walk for a taste of the ‘Real’ Spain? Or find a flamenco show?   If we can, help we will ! ‘nada es desmasiado pedir – nothing too much to ask.

For us, Al Ladino is heaven on earth. We hope you feel the same.