Rooftop view of the sea

Al Ladino is our little treasure, three kilometres west of the small town of Nerja and some 45 minutes drive east of Malaga airport, it’s just 5 minutes from the beach and 7 minutes by car from our favourite restaurants in town. But we really chose Al Ladino for its understated charm, tranquility, breathtaking views of the mountains, and panoramic vistas of the coastline and town below us.

From its elevated position a third of a way up a hillside, Al Ladino sits next to the last remaining pine forest in the area, a protected landscape for now and the future.

Al Ladino offers the best of both worlds, ‘la vida tranquila’, the peaceful life, where the air is clean, the birds sing and civilization is not too far away as you relax in the private sunkissed south facing pool.

Al Ladino is a charming terracotta roofed ‘casa de campo’. Many people don’t know it exists, but local Spanish people who’ve seen it says it’s ‘preciosa’ – priceless, lovely, gorgeous … so beautiful it’s incomparable!’ They remember it being built years ago like it was yesterday!

You probably get the picture ! Al Ladino wasn’t created for indiscriminate tourists, but for us and you!  We’re dedicated to preserving our home in pristine condition …and that means continually decorating, odd jobs done, gardening and pool cleaning.

But then, there’s no other way if we’re to keep the house special. We hope you enjoy staying at Al Ladino.

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Our other property is El Monte Bajo